Reverb + Delay


Context is a reverb pedal inspired by 1980’s rack mount reverbs. It uses dual reverb engines in 8 algorithms with separate controls for high and low frequency damping, pre-delay, modulation, dynamics (duck/expand), and a number of infinite hold options. Combine reverb with delay in any mode to achieve a wide variety of effects, from the subtle classics to the completely unhinged.

Control the amount, character, and rate of internal reverb modulation, in a style specific to each algorithm. These include different modulation types from 1980’s and early 90’s reverbs, including chorus modulation, pitch-stable random modulation, and deep modulated reverbs.

Context can create ghostly effects, slowly sweeping resonances, and at higher modulation settings, it is a multi-voice granular processor that creates clouds of detuned sound fragments for entirely new reverb sounds.

Context has TRS stereo connections and can be controlled with an assignable expression pedal, remote switch, remote tap, CV, or MIDI, and stores up to 127 presets.