Raster is a stereo digital delay with a pitch and frequency shifter integrated into the feedback loop. It delivers a wide range of sounds including modulated and harmonized delays, reverse delays, chorus, arpeggios, infinite descents, chaotic self-oscillation, and continuously evolving soundscapes. It can be integrated with MIDI, TouchOSC, and a variety of expression devices.

With up to 1600ms of delay time, three delay ranges allow you to precisely dial in resonant feedback and instantly change delay time with rhythmic shifts. A tone control sweeps from dark analog-style repeats to digital clarity. Pitch shifting in semitone steps can create tempo-synced arpeggios and alien organ sounds, while the detune setting can dial in micro pitch shifts and chorused repeats. The phase/frequency shifter creates subtle evolving repeats, dissonant harmonies, and barber pole flanging. It can be pushed to extremes for ring modulation and inharmonic shifted delays that distort and break apart.

Modulation in one of seven waveforms can be assigned to delay time, pitch shift, or effect level for glitchy pitch jumps, wow and flutter, and broken tape deck effects. Capable of true mayhem, the Raster can also be used with restraint to add a unique character to your sound.

Raster can be configured for stereo I/O, allowing the left and right delay times to be set as a ratio, or offset by milliseconds for movement and widening. Adjust the modulation amount and phase between channels; arrange delay lines in series, parallel or ping pong, and more.