Web Editors

Web-based editors for our products with USB ports.  Connect your pedal to a computer using a USB cable and click the link below using the Google Chrome web browser.  The editor allows you to edit presets, access hidden parameters, configure the pedal, and load/save presets.

Bitmap 2 Web Editor

Context 2 Web Editor

Particle 2 Web Editor 

Raster 2 Web Editor

Tensor Web Editor (requires firmware version 1.2 or later)

Requires Google Chrome web browser running on Mac OS, Windows, or Linux (not supported on iOS).  If the editor does not work, confirm that the URL starts with "https://".

Additional help:

TouchOSC Layouts

Layouts for Hexler TouchOSC.

Particle TouchOSC Mk1 Layout for iOS

Raster 2 TouchOSC (next gen) layout for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux

Tensor TouchOSC Mk1 Layouts for iOS

Additional information:

Blank Patch Sheets

Printable sheets for recording your settings.  Share your settings on social media with hashtags
#redpandapatches and #particlepatch #contextpatch #bitmappatch #rasterpatch #tensorpatch

Bitmap 2 Blank Patch Sheet 

Context 2 Blank Patch Sheet

Particle 2 Blank Patch Sheet

Raster 2 Blank Patch Sheet

Tensor Blank Patch Sheet