Red Panda Artist Program

Over the years, our pedals have been used by artists around the globe on stages of all sizes, and we highly prize the feedback of musicians and other industry professionals when we consider how to improve what we do.

If you currently use and love Red Panda pedals on tour, in your studio, or in your professional practice, you are welcome to apply for an artist partnership with us. Our goal is to partner with artists who demonstrate their knowledge, creativity, and skill, and offer inspiration to others.

What does it mean to be a Red Panda artist?

  • Red Panda artists are eligible for special pricing and prioritized service when pedals or repairs are needed in support of tours, recordings, etc.
  • Select artists may assist with product development.
  • Red Panda artists may be invited to participate in special events and media projects, coordinated and produced either by Red Panda or in conjunction with a third party.
  • Red Panda asks artists to maintain direct feedback and communication whenever possible, with regard to new recordings, tours, publications, etc., as well as any collaborative opportunities.
  • Red Panda requests that artists speak as positively and authentically as possible about our products when an appropriate public opportunity arises, such as during a clinic/recording/interview, etc. We will never insist that you include our pedals in your work, or dictate your comments–our goal is to make a product that you will find useful and feel independently inspired to share.

To be considered for this role, we ask to see that you’ve established a career in the music industry, or are working toward it with a history of recording, touring, press, etc.

If you are just starting out and still feel that you have something unique to contribute, please feel free to contact us, with the understanding that we have limited resources and must be selective.