AMZ DPDT Relay Board With the Particle

DJ Techtools did a DIY article on how to modify the Particle and other pedals with momentary switches.  You can use a momentary SPST stomp switch instead of the arcade button. They used the AMZ DPDT relay PCB, but other relay bypass PCBs should also work.

The Particle’s 3PDT switch is connected to the main circuit board via a 7-pin ribbon cable. The signals are mapped like this (pin #1 is square):

  1. input to circuit
  2. input jack
  3. ground
  4. output from circuit
  5. LED cathode (-)
  6. output jack
  7. ground

Here is the wiring for the AMZ DPDT relay board:

  • Particle pin 1 — relay pad 2
  • Particle pin 2 — relay pads 3 and 6
  • Particle pin 3 — relay pad 1
  • Particle pin 4 — relay pad 4
  • Particle pin 6 — relay pad 5

You can tap the +9V and ground for the relay PCB from the power jack.

The LED terminal on the AMZ relay board is the anode (+) side, but the Particle header has the cathode (-) connection, so you need to rewire the LED. The easiest way is to remove the build-in LED, connect a new LED directly to the relay board, and glue it in place. You can also cut the existing circuit trace, as shown in the DJ Techtools article.