Context Freeze Updates - Firmware 2.2.3

Context version 2.2.3 firmware is available on our downloads page, along with a video showing how to install it.  Changes since version 2.2.0 include a couple of fixes for mono in / stereo out configuration, lower noise in some of the algorithms, reverb freeze improvements, and numerous other small fixes and improvements.

We brought back the infinite sustain freeze mode from our NAMM 2020 prototype.  The right footswitch can now be configured for three different freeze modes using the web editor (or MIDI CCs):

  • Freeze current reverb with live sound dry
  • Freeze current reverb with live sound through the same algorithm
  • Infinite sustain, with the input still active so that it builds up to a noisy, chaotic wall of reverb

In addition, we added a drone mode for both footswitches, which locks on freeze so that you can release the footswitch and play live over an atmospheric drone.

To activate drone mode:
  1. Press and hold the PRESET/[∞] or ON/[∞] footswitch to engage reverb hold.
  2. Press and hold the SHIFT button.
  3. Release the PRESET/[∞] or ON/[∞] footswitch.
  4. Release the SHIFT button.

To turn off drone mode, press the same footswitch once. The drone will cut off quickly if trails is off, and decay naturally if trails is on.