New Music

New Music

It is Bandcamp Friday and we wanted to mention a few albums released since the last Bandcamp Friday where you can hear our pedals.  I'm sure we missed some, please email us (artists at redpandalab dot com) if you release music using our gear - we love to hear how people use our products.

The Nels Cline Singers'  Share The Wealth is available on Blue Note records, Bandcamp, and all of the usual streaming services.  Scott Amendola used the Particle and Tensor on his electronic contributions.

Christina Ruf's Three Quarters of the Moon features Context 2 and Particle 1 on her electric cello.

Sad13's Haunted Painting is a couple of months old, but it has some Particle moments and she has some new merch.

The self-titled album by Doors that Don't has vocals reamped through the Particle 2, and lots of Tensor.

TUNER (Pat Mastelotto & Markus Reuter) released POLE today as a free download/name your price.  Their other band, Stick Men (with Tony Levin), has also released multitrack sessions for Prog Noir and Plutonium that you can remix or study.  Lots of Particle.