Particle 2.2 firmware update

Particle 2.2 firmware update

Particle firmware version 2.2 is now available on the downloads page.  It is massive - the biggest update since we released the Particle 2 in 2019.


  • Stereo panning
  • Preset management
  • New pitch modes
  • New feedback modes
  • Expert mode
  • Updated web editor and TouchOSC layout

Stereo panning:

  • Random stereo panning (alt-blend control)
  • Grain panning via MIDI
  • Mono in/stereo out mode
  • Auto mono/stereo input detection (beta)

Preset management:

  • Web editor shows which presets are stored
  • Presets can be named
  • Copy/paste presets
  • Transfer presets to/from computer
  • Patch library on our web site (more to come)
  • User preset sharing to come

New pitch modes:

  • 7 pitch quantization modes:
    • free, semitones, octaves, octaves & fifths, etc
  • Changes behavior of pitch randomization and detuning
  • Highly reactive based on pitch, param, and feedback knobs

New feedback modes:

  • Recycle or post-delay feedback
  • Ping-pong feedback
  • Grain repeat with probability and number of repeats

Expert mode:

  • "Modeless" setting renamed to "expert mode" and improved
  • Combine parameters from all modes
  • Button combination to turn it on/off

Web editor updates:

  • New features and configuration settings
  • Preset management
  • Supports Linux (as well as macOS and Windows)


  • Updated TouchOSC (Next Gen) layout
  • New parameters and configuration settings
  • Runs on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux

The owner’s manual has been updated (search for "version 2.2"), and we have videos on the way.