Radius update (10/9/2023)

I spent time the last few weeks working with our local PCB assembly house to get everything ready for production and had all of the parts.  The chip shortage appears to be over, for the moment at least.  It took a lot of time to coordinate with the factory, and apologies that it caused me to fell behind on tech support emails.  We got an end-of-life notice for one part, so I did one more PCB update to switch to a more modern part.

Randy grabbed every power supply we have, good and - especially - bad.  He measured the SNR, THD, and THD+N to look for any surprises.  I have been staring at spectrum analyzers looking for any anamolies.  Happy with everything so far.  

There was one little thing bothering me about the "X" modulation.  I thought of the solution while waiting for the Death Grips show to start at The Fillmore Detroit a few weeks ago.  There's also one more feature I plan to add, which came up in a post-concert discussion recently and I think is worth delaying the release a couple of weeks to add.

Our friend Scott Amendola is touring with a Radius and providing feedback. He's also recorded with it, and there is another album that you'll hear soon that has an earlier Radius prototype on it.

The product information, photos, and web page are ready to go, and I've started working with our dealers and distributors to finalize the release date.  Hope to be able to provide you more detailed information soon, but we need to coordinate with lots of different folks, so thank you for your patience.

Finally, we started in-house production on 10/5.