Radius Update (11/19/2023)

The Radius will ship in January, 2024.  We were shooting for this fall, but while supply chain issues are definitely getting better, there are still some sticking points.  We get 7 components (integrated circuits and diodes, less than 5% of total cost) from mainland China (PRC), but if one part gets stuck in customs it holds everything up.  In this case, it held everything up just enough to slip into November, and some of our dealers asked us not to launch in the middle of the Black Friday chaos.  We're a small company by choice, and having good relationships with our dealers and distributors allows us to remain small and focus on designing, building, and supporting our products.

The feedback so far has been good.  We've had it at pedal shows, and musicians are touring and recording with prototypes.

So check out the product page, ask your aunt for a gift certificate, and take some time during the holidays to dig deeper with the pedals you already have.  We will be busy fine-tuning the Radius and working on new pedals.  Thank you for your support and patience this year - I feel lucky to spend my time designing pedals and listen to the music you create with them.