Radius update (9/10/2023)

We have the enclosures for the first production run.  All of the components are here, and circuit boards being assembled (control board in Taiwan, main board in metro Detroit).  While we wait for the circuit boards, we are getting feedback, beta testing, and stress testing the hardware and software.

I am tweaking modulation algorithms and pitch tracking, but most of the remaining work is writing the owner's manual, finishing the web editor, and finalizing the production and testing procedures (estimate: 183 hrs remaining).  In parallel with that, we are planning tutorial and demo videos and getting information ready for distributors and stores.  I (Curt) am the bottleneck for a lot of this work, so the timing is limited by my capacity. 

When can you buy the Radius?  Fall 2023.  I'm not a fan of preorders; we might do a preorder closer to the release date, but I prefer not to take your money until we can ship your pedal.  I'm also not a big fan of the "hype and scarcity" marketing model that is common in our industry, where your social media feed is suddenly filled with sponsored posts and the pedal sells out in a few hours.  We do appreciate the work and talent of YouTube/IG/etc demo musicians and think it's important to hear different perspectives on the product so that you can make an informed decision (not FOMO marketing).

Why is it taking so long?  It seems like it has, because we have shared more of the process than usual, but our products usually take 18-24 months and I decided to make this pedal on May 19, 2022 (16 months ago).  The Radius is probably more flexible than any other ring modulator or frequency shifter, but I have also spent entire weekends tweaking filter responses and nonlinearities to get the modern, organic sound I was looking for.