Raster TouchOSC template available

Raster TouchOSC template available

We just uploaded a TouchOSC (Next Gen) layout for the Raster 2 (download it here).

TouchOSC turns your iPad or phone into a MIDI controller that allows you to tweak hidden settings, access 20+ note divisions for delay and modulation, and edit configuration settings on the go. Use our template as is, or as a starting point to design your own custom control surface.  It works on macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Requires the TouchOSC (Next Gen) app, available from Hexler's web site or your favorite app store.

The current version of TouchOSC is much more flexible than TouchOSC Mk1.  Our Raster layout works with any MIDI channel, by querying the pedal when it loads.

Layouts for our other products should follow in the next few months.