Red Panda Playlist February 2017

This week we will be sharing some recent albums that feature our products.

I Came for the Light and Stayed for the Shadows by Nocturne Blue features the Particle on every track.  Dark, layered, and complex, with touch guitar textures from Markus Reuter.

Halo Orbit's debut album is out, with insane bass tones from Juan Alderete. Check it out at bandcamp, Spotify, and on Alpha Pup records worldwide.

Wingfield Reuter Stavi Sirkis - The Stone House. Markus Reuter on touch guitar with Particle delays prominent on every track. "Tarasque" is based on Particle freeze loops.

Red Hot Chili Pepper's 2016 album The Getaway features the Particle and Context. We were amazed and humbled that Josh Klinghoffer mentioned the Particle in the Hal Leonard tab bookIt's a strong album and you shouldn't miss the tour if they go through your city.

Also check out Dot Hacker's new album, No 3 with Josh Klinghoffer on guitar/vocals and Jonathan Hischke on bass.

Low's 2015 album Ones and Sixes makes great use of the Particle. Available on SubPop, iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.

Gestalt by Roofhare uses a Particle, Raster, and Dwarfcraft Paraloop to create intricate soundscapes.