Sound examples

A couple of months ago someone asked if any Red Panda pedals could do Uni-Vibe / harmonic tremolo sounds.  I found a few examples, and realized it would be useful to have a catalog of demos organized by sound type.  Eric took it from there, and now we have a pretty good library of links that jump to specific timestamps in demo videos:

Sound examples using Red Panda pedals

People often ask us which of our pedals is best for a specific effect (chorus, harmonic tremolo, pitch shifting, etc.).  A lot of the time, more than one of our pedals can  do a specific type of sound but they take different approaches.  You can use the Context, Particle, Radius, and Raster to do tremolo, but only the Context and Raster do "standard" tremolo.  The Raster will give you stereo tremolo with a ton of waveforms.  The Particle can cover some traditional tremolo territory, but will have a unique feel and can stretch from there into broken fragments of sound.  Sometimes that is exactly what you need to engage the listener's attention without distracting from the melody.