Tensor Firmware 1.2 Released

Tensor firmware 1.2 is available now on our downloads page.

Tensors built since early 2019 (S/N 67000+) now have:

  • 9.4 second loop time
  • stereo input/output
    (configured using web editor)

All tensors get:

  • 1/4” TRS MIDI input (using a converter or MIDI controller)
  • Web-based editor for in-depth editing and saving presets
  • Numerous fixes and improvements

The web editor makes it easy to configure the Tensor’s control port, bypass mode, input level, input/output channels, and MIDI channel. Edit expression pedal assignments and all parameters, including hidden parameters. Adjustable pitch glide time slides between pitch changes. Loop decay fades out the previous pass while overdubbing to create sheets of sound or fine-tune the loop sampling mode using the Remote 4 or a MIDI controller.

We have also been building out our knowledge base. Here are some articles and videos related to the new Tensor features:

If you have any problems installing the firmware update, please contact us for assistance.

We know that some of you are disappointed that you bought earlier Tensors and cannot take advantage of the longer loop time, and we totally understand.  Unfortunately, the earlier Tensors use a different processor, have less RAM, and do not have a stereo audio path. The processor used in the later Tensors did not exist when the Tensor was initially released. The extra processing power was needed for the Particle 2, and as a small company it makes sense for us to use common parts across products where possible.  All of the other updates, including TRS MIDI input, web editor, and bug fixes. We will continue to support all Tensors.  We plan to have a low-cost user-installable upgrade path available in the future, but we do not have a date to announce at this time.