Tensor v1.1 and remote switch

We just released a Tensor firmware update with some new features that are accessible via USB MIDI or a remote footswitch:

  • Loop sampler functions (retrigger / stop / one shot)
  • 31 presets via USB MIDI or remote switch
  • Expression pedal assignable to any knobs
  • Improved MIDI scaling for speed, time, and pitch
  • Kill dry mode (always mutes dry signal)

Available now on the downloads page.

Remote 4

The Tensor now supports a 4-button remote switch with 4 modes:

  1. Presets 1-4
  2. Remote foot switches + presets 1-2
  3. Loop sampler:
    • Record / overdub
    • Play / stop
    • Play once
    • Toggle time & pitch (tap),
    • toggle speed (double tap)
  4. Toggle the speed, time, pitch, and random knobs on/off independently

DIY instructions for building your own remote are available in our knowledge base.