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January 2024

Ring Modulator/Frequency Shifter - Shipping January 2024.

Radius goes far beyond traditional ring modulation. With precise control over the balance and frequency ratios of both sidebands, you’ll have more advanced control than with any ring mod that has come before. Organic, complex harmonic structures, bell-like tones, metallic textures, frequency shifting, soft tremolo, and bubbly phaser sounds are all on tap.

Pitch tracking, a push-to-tune footswitch, and picking dynamics make it responsive and predictable in concert. In the studio, Radius has well-spaced controls for tabletop use and a full MIDI implementation for DAW integration. The 24-bit 96 kHz codec, audiophile op amps and stereo input/output make it equally at home in the studio or control room. Radius is a musical ring modulator and frequency shifter that lets you modify the timbre of your instrument in new ways.

With a multi-waveform LFO, step modulator, and MIDI-playable carrier oscillator, Radius modernizes classic electronic techniques for the future.


  • Stereo ring modulator and frequency shifter
  • Continuous mix between ring modulation and frequency shifting
  • Selectable 2X frequency ratios for upper and lower sidebands
  • Frequency shifting with feedback
  • Three carrier frequency ranges (low, high, quantized)
  • Carrier frequency pitch tracking (monophonic, +/- 100%)
  • Push-to-tune carrier oscillator
  • MIDI-playable carrier oscillator
  • Multi-waveform LFO (triangle, square, random, intelligent random, X mod +/-)
  • Step modulator (1-8 steps), programmable via front panel
  • Tap tempo and MIDI clock sync
  • Envelope follower
  • Envelope-triggered LFO (one-shot ramp, pulse, random, step mod)
  • Presets (4 on board, 100 via MIDI)
  • Expression pedal assignable to any combination of knobs
  • Configurable AUX switch (tap, tune, preset, LFO)
  • USB and TRS MIDI
  • Full MIDI implementation
  • 96 kHz sampling rate
  • Web editor with preset upload/download
  • User-installable firmware updates (USB)

Designed and assembled in USA. Requires a 9V DC 250 mA power supply (not included).