Tensor stereo upgrade board (for S/N below 108-067000)

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User-installable upgrade boards for Tensors with serial number 108-066999 and below.  Ships with instructions and a 3D-printed tool for removing the Tensor's jack nuts (single use).  After the upgrade, your Tensor will have the same specs as later Tensors: 9.4 second mono / 4.7 second stereo maximum loop time, stereo input/output.  We don't make money on these boards; they are assembled in lower quantities at a different factory than our normal production, so parts and assembly cost are both higher.

You will need a Phillips head screwdriver and needle-nose plyers to do the upgrade, following the instructional video on the Videos tab.  Please watch the video before ordering.

U.S. orders include a postage paid return shipping label to send your old PCB to us for recycling.  Non-U.S. orders, please recycle with other household electronics.

Note: this board will not work in Tensors with serial numbers 108-067000 and higher.  Please refer to this article or contact us if you are unsure.